Europe is home to a wide array of ship builders and operators. From high-tech supply vessels in the stormy North Sea to ferries in the Mediterranean, our representatives across Europe lend their support to customers in all fields of the shipping industry.

Greece and Cyprus

In Greece – one of the world’s greatest shipping nations, controlling nearly a fifth of the world’s merchant fleet – Technava is a leader in its field.
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Stelio Bardi and Jets™ - a success story in Italy. In a country world-renowned for its luxury designer megayachts and elegant cruise vessels, Jets™ has 60% of the shipbuilding and yacht building market.
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United Kingdom

"Instinctively, I knew..." - Bill Higginbotham has orchestrated a naval success with Jets™ in the United Kingdom.
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"We have achieved a 30% share of the total market, including gravity, and 90% market share in vacuum sanitary systems."

Nenad Oreskovic
Manager and Owner
Oreco d.o.o.

Nenad Oreskovic

Finland and Estonia


"At Septor we like challenges. That's why we sell Jets™ in the home market of its main competitor."

Fredrik Björklöf, Sales Director
Kjell Ahlgren, Managing Director
Septor Oy

Fredrik Björklöf and Kjell Ahlgren



"We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience to help our customers. It is satisfying to see the results we achieve by working together."

Roland de Roys
Manager and Owner

Roland de Roys



"Our customers appreciate the technical advice we offer, combined with optimal service and after-sales support."

Jörg Steinbach
Manager and Owner
Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik GMBH

Jörg Steinbach



"We focus on top-quality sanitary solutions for every project."

Andrzej Marynowski
Altro Marine SP Z.O.O.

Andrzej Marynowski



"Jets™ has a strong track record in our market. Robust and reliable Jets™ systems have an important place in our product portfolio."

North West Service

North West Service team



"Today, Jets™ is an established solution in Spain, and more than half of the vessels built here are equipped with our products."

Juan Antonio Azpiazu
Naval Architect
Pasch y CIA S.A.

Juan Antonio Azpiazu and his team at Pasch y CIA S.A.

The Netherlands


"For more than 18 years, Jets™ has been one of the top-class brands we offer."

Ed Standaart, Adjunct Directeur
Frits Uittenbogaart, Directeur
B.V. Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart

Ed Standaart and Frits Uittenbogaart

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