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Jets™ sanitary systems are powered by our patented pumps. They are purpose-built to withstand the rigours of extensive continuous use, and made from the highest quality corrosion-resistant materials. The versatile and compact design allows installation in tight spaces, while efficiently maintaining vacuum throughout the piping. With their single-shaft design, our pumps are unique in their renowned simplicity.

Transparent cover

makes inspection easy by allowing a clear view to the pump's inlet. Foreign objects and blockages are in plain sight and can therefore be detected and removed very fast.

Flap valve

seals the piping system when the pump stops. This prevents vacuum from leaking out of the piping.

Inlet housing

stops and collects foreign objects. This prevents damage to the pump.

Integrated macerator

grinds waste to a fine pulp. The resulting fine-ground sewage is easy to transport, store and treat.

Helical screw

principle uses liquid to create a seal. This minimizes mechanical wear.

Shaft seal

prevents damage to the motor. Ensures a protective watertight seal.

Screw housing

for the helical screw. The screw is installed eccentrically in this housing.

Outlet housing

discharges macerated sewage. Maceration allows the use of small diameter discharge pipes.

Quality ball bearings

minimize unwanted play in the shaft. This prolongs pump life.

Single-shaft, monoblock design

keeps the number of moving parts at an absolute minimum. As a result, the pump is very robust and highly reliable.

Small motor

with low energy consumption. The helical screw's efficiency and the monobloc design enable the use of smaller motors that use less energy and run for shorter periods.

Efficient fan

keeps the motor cool. Longer motor life and better operating conditions are the results.


on the vacuum side of the pump.


on the pressure side of the pump.

Precision engineering

ensures perfect fit of all pump components. The result is a pump that lasts and lasts.

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