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Pleasing features for cruise and ferry applications

Jets™ offers unmatched performance for cruise ships and ferries, with efficient sanitary systems that are easy to fit into your design. Our solutions are easy to integrate with any STP, and ensure operational reliability and comfort on board even the largest cruise vessels.

A compact, design-friendly system

  • Small footprint enables flexible design
  • Allows effective use of the on-board space
  • Ship designers appreciate our specialized knowledge and experience
  • No tank needed to create the vacuum


Lower installation cost

  • Jets™ systems are lighter, more compact and easier to install
  • We deliver vacuum modules ready for plug-in installation: one pipe in, on pipe out and power supply


Flexible installation

  • From individual components to turnkey solutions
  • Retrofits are easy to install - even while the vessel is in operation.


Lower operational cost...

  • Straightforward design for easy maintenance
  • Produces vacuum with less energy
  • Transparent end-cover for easy inspection
  • Modular flushing mechanism for easy replacement of individual parts


Unmatched performance and no foaming problems

  • No vacuum loss due to foaming
  • No sewage owerflow due to foaming
  • No need for defoaming chemicals 
  • Proven technology used in cruise installations worldwide
  • Global after-sales service


Compatible with any STP/MSD

  • Choose the sewage treatment plant that suits you best
  • Vacuumarator™ pump macerates waste into a fine pulp
  • Single-pass design keeps temperature stable
  • Continuous feed promotes effective STP operation
  • Easy compliance with ever more stringent environmental regulations


  • Trusted in marine sanitation

  • Our wealth of practical experience is at your disposal
  • We are specialists in marine sanitation
  • We can help find the best solution for your ship - newbuilding, retrofit, booster system or conversion

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