Jets™ staff designing vacuum sanitary systems

Basic or add-on systems

For most ships, design, planning and installation of a Jets™ system is so easy that no external assistance is needed.

Jets™ basic systems

A Jets™ sanitary system is a solution that runs smoothly at a competitive price. In a tough business climate, Jets™ keeps your life cycle costs low. Thousands of installations prove the reliability of Jets™ standard solutions.

A typical Jets™ sanitary system consists of 10-40 toilets and 2 Vacuumarator™ pumps. In most of these projects, planning, ordering, installation and commissioning is so easy that no external assistance is needed.

Our technical documentation makes planning straightforward, saving time and labour costs. Our local representatives give you first-line support in all major shipbuilding and shipping countries.

Jets™ add-on systems

For customized designs or entirely new vessels, a number of questions often present themselves to the design staff:

  • What vacuum capacity is needed for the number of people on board?
  • What is the best way to integrate blackwater and greywater?
  • What are the vessel's design and space limitations?
  • How can we optimize collecting tank capacity?
  • How do we ensure compliance with environmental rules?
  • How should we design the piping to prevent backflow of sewage?


Bring Jets™ into your process at an early stage. Jets™ supports planning, engineering, installation and commissioning. Smart interaction results in overall system economy and low life cycle cost!

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