From designers to passengers

Leading ship designers, ship builders and ship owners insist on Jets™ for marine sanitation.


Ship designer


"Jets™ is the most flexible system on the market. It is compact and gives us a wide range of options for configuration. That means better opportunities for optimizing the design - more potential for improving efficiency and saving costs."

Ship designers appreciate the easy design integration of Jets™ sanitary systems


"The small footprint, lightweight system and straightforward in-line layout make installation much faster and easier. And we can adapt the installation schedule to the buyer's needs."
Shipbuilders appreciate the easy installation of Jets™ sanitary systems



"Jets™ systems are reliable and easy to maintain. A sanitary system that functions smoothly makes a big difference in our lives on board."

Crews appreciate the reliability of Jets™ sanitary systems


"Comfortable bathrooms where everything works properly are essential for a relaxing, enjoyable cruise."
Passengers appreciate the comfort of Jets™ sanitary systems



"Streamlined installation, easy low-cost maintenance, satisfied customers and crew: In our experience, Jets™ systems are the logical choice."

Shipowners appreciate the low cost and operational stability of Jets™ systems


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