Luxury yachts at anchor

State-of-the-art system features for yachts

Elegant in its simplicity, the Jets™ solution for yachts has been selected by award-winning yacht designers who appreciate the reliability and high standard of our sanitary systems.

In this sector, knowledgeable and experienced clients set the highest standards for every system on board.

Compact, low weight system

  • Greater design flexibility
  • No tank needed to generate vacuum - saves both weight and space


Easy installation

  • True in-line installation of vacuum unit
  • Flexible piping - even vertically


High quality - extra reliability

  • The same reliable quality performance on which large cruise ships depend
  • Designed to function smoothly and provide ample capacity for intense use


Sleek efficiency

  • Very high vacuum generating capacity
  • Transparent end-cover enables easy inspection and access
  • Easy to replace individual components in the flushing mechanism
  • Improves sewage treatment processes


Combined black- and greywater systems

  • Easy interfaceof greywater from bath tubs, showers and bidets
  • Vacuumarator™ pumps handle combined or separated black- and greywater systems
  • Our specialized knowledge of marine vacuum systems it at your disposal


Compliance with environmental regulations

  • Easy to integrate with the different types and makes of sewage treatment plants
  • Integrated macerator shreds sewage into a fine pulp

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