Jets™ service seminar

The faces of Jets™

Every one of our representatives shares our passion for excellence. We know your local market because our people live there too. Our global presence is at your service.

Jets™ in Norway

The attitude of the Jets™ staff at our head office in Norway is quite simple: it's all about pleasing customers.
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Asia and the Middle East

With some of the world's fastest developing countries, Asia is a key player in the global marketplace. Jets™ is represented in many countries throughout Asia and the Middle East to ensure our continued growth in these important markets.
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Australia and New Zealand

Surrounded by oceans on all sides, and with strong economic ties to several Asian countries and the United States, both Australia and New Zealand depend on ships for import and export. As such, these two countries are naturally important markets to Jets™.
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Europe is home to a wide array of ship builders and operators. From high-tech supply vessels in the stormy North Sea to ferries in the Mediterranean, our representatives across Europe lend their support to customers in all fields of the shipping industry.
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North America

North America's coastline is more than 400,000 km long (250,000 miles), with a large number of major international ports and shipyards. Jets™ representatives in the United States and Canada take good care of our customers along these shores.
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South America

Bordering on both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and with a multitude of intricate river systems that have made boats and ships a way of life, South America is an exciting continent for Jets™.
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