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South Korea

Number 1 in South Korea since 1993 thanks to J.C. Park and his crew: "In 2008 we celebrated the delivery of Jets™ installation no. 2.000 in Korea!"

“When I heard about the Jets™ vacuum solution, it was the most exciting moment in my business life. I had been ­selling vacuum toilet systems and was happy to introduce their many advantages to all the major Korean shipyards. But I was sure there was better vacuum technology.

The first time I travelled to Hareid in Norway to see the newly developed Jets™ system in 1990, I was convinced that Jets™ would become the Number 1 vendor, with the benefits of low investment costs, high  efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Sure enough, I was able to open the door to the Korean market in 1993 by signing the first contract with the Hyundai shipyard.  And then I established Jets Korea in 1994 – as a joint venture with Jets™. So far, we have more than 2,000 ships as our references.

Today we have over 60% of the market in South Korea.

Cost-effectiveness is a key factor in South Korea’s success. Almost all ships built here today have vacuum sanitary systems installed, because of cost factors like the savings in steel and installation hours as well as reduced height requirements.

Our shipyards are extremely well-organized and delivery precision is absolutely vital in our mass production concept. Jets™ has established routines and procedures to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly. If any problems do
arise, Jets™ staff act immediately to sort things out. Our accumulated experience is priceless in troubleshooting."


Jets Korea Ltd.


"We are proud of what we have achieved in Korea and proud to have Jets™ in the family. We know Jets™ will continue to play its leading role in the market.”

J.C. Park
Managing Director
Jets Korea Ltd.

J.C. Park
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