Ecomotive™ sewage treatment plant by Jets™

Jets™ has more than 25 years of experience in sewage treatment plants – for as long as we have supplied Jets™ vacuum toilet systems for ships. What you see here is the result of this experience: a treatment plant which reduces space requirements and is both reliable and affordable – while meeting today’s and future IMO requirements by a good margin. By using biofilm carriers in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR), we can offer advantages that are not available with traditional treatment technologies.

Biofilm carriers save space

The piece of plastic shown above is a biofilm carrier. These elements can house far more bacteria than honeycomb plants, and they do not require cleaning. The elements combine to form an enormous bio surface, which contributes to the Ecomotive™ treatment plant’s limited size.

Developed in cooperation with the best

Ecomotive™ by Jets™ was developed by our subsidiary Ecomotive AS, in close cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. It has also been certified and type approved by BG Verkehr in Hamburg (formerly SBG) according to current IMO regulations.

Approved by experienced Chief Engineers

Biological treatment of waste water is a tried and tested method. The technology is competitive, virtually maintenance-free and gives long operational life. Chief Engineers consulted during development are confident about the Ecomotive™ plant’s first class qualities.

Unique flexibility

A modern engine room is required to contain so much machinery that space is at apremium. With its compact size and flexible installation options (see below), the Ecomotive™ plant offers the most space saving solution available. Much to the benefit of designers, yards, crews and owners.

All connections and access points are located on two sides

This way, the Ecomotive™ treatment plant can be installed adjacent to the bulkhead or even in a corner, depending on the space available. The Ecomotive™ plant’s volume and footprint sizes are only 60% to 70% in comparison with conventional biological treatment plants.

Download brochure

Download the Ecomotive brochure here (3 Mb PDF) to get the complete picture, and learn about all the benefits of this groundbreaking sewage treatment plant.


Installation of a complete unit

A complete treatment plant including the Vacuumarator™ pumps and the inlet tank can be easily installed in a corner.

Installation in separate locations


The treatment plant, Vacuumarator™ pumps and inlet tank can also be installed in separate locations. The three main components can thereby be installed where they fit most conveniently.


Installation without inlet tank


By using an existing hull tank in place of the inlet tank normally supplied with the plant, even more space can be saved.


Call or e-mail for more information

If you would like to talk to us about using the Ecomotive™ treatment plant in your vessels, please contact our sales staff.

Some of our references

On average, more than one Ecomotive™ plant a week has been sold since the launch in January 2013. These are some of the vessels taking advantage of the plant's unique benefits:
Workboats for Brazil
The first orders were for 12 offshore fast supply vessels in Brazil.
Rem Ocean
Rem Ocean was the first vessel equipped with the Ecomotive™ plant.
Fosnavaag Shipping
Fosnavaag Shipping chose Ecomotive™ for their newest wellboat.

Find the right plant for your vessel

Illustration: table of available Ecomotive™ models
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