Jets™ Descale

Jets™ Descale

Jets™ Descale offers the benefits of reliable piping through environmentally friendly cleaning agents, which prevent scale and keep sewage flowing freely. Routine use of Jets™ Descale puts an end to scale altogether.

Keeps your system running smoothly

We take great pride in our extensive knowledge about vacuum piping systems. With more than 25 years of experience in vacuum sanitation, we are highly aware that keeping your piping system free from scale build-up is the key to both high performance and trouble-free operation. Download the Jets Descale™ brochure here and learn more.

What is scale and how is it removed?

Urine scale is a hard substance which forms in piping systems due to a chemical reaction between the calcium in water and urine. A special cleaning agent is needed to prevent and remove such scale.

Jets™ Descale products are specially formulated for this task. They offer a cost-effective way to keep the piping fully operational throughout the life of your vacuum sanitary system.

Jets™ Descale Plus and Descale Gel are available in several packaging sizes. Use them with our automated dosing units to optimise their effectiveness in any vessel.

Boosting program

In cases where preventive maintenance has not been carried out, there may be severe scale build-up in the piping. These situations require a boosting program to be run for a period of time. Jets™ Descale products allow customers to easily take immediate action to clean their piping systems.

Contact the Jets™ Service Department for assistance in setting up a boosting program tailored for your vessel.

Download safety data sheets (MSDS):

Descale Plus MSDS

Descale Gel MSDS


Jets™ Descale Plus


Jets™ Descale Plus is the successor to the well-known Jets™ Descale agent, offering improved performance and scale-removing properties.


Jets™ Descale Gel


Jets™ Descale Gel is a new product for smaller piping systems. Its thicker viscosity means it will remain longer in the piping for better results.


Automated Dosing Unit


While Jets™ Descale products can be dispensed manually, we highly recommend our dosing unit for better performance.

An individual may willingly exceed the recommended dose for good measure, whereas this automated unit will only use the specified amount of Jets™ Descale each and every time. This reduces long-term costs and is beneficial to your piping.

Do not leave this critical task to chance anymore - improve your sanitary system with dosing units!


Before and after treatment


The valve shown to the right is from Statoil's production and storage vessel "Norne". The sanitary piping system in this vessel was severely blocked.

The system on board was treated with Jets™ Descale, and the result was a completely clean pipe system.

In further tests, a pipe piece from the vessel was immersed in a tank containing Jets™ Descale solution. After just 4 hours, with minor agitation of the tank, all the urine salt crystals were almost completely dissolved.


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