Stainless steel Jets™ greywater interface tank with automatic valve

Jets™ greywater interface units

Greywater interface units allow interface of greywater from washing machines, sinks and showers with a vacuum system.

  • Automatic interface valve
  • Water level controlled
  • Adjustable level settings
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Plastic or stainless
  • With or without overflow valve

The tanks are fully automatic, equipped with level sensors and emptying valves. Discharging, or emptying, is controlled by the fluid level in the tank. When it reaches a pre-set level, the valve opens and allows greywater to enter the vacuum system for a few seconds before shutting.
Available in stainless steel or plastic, and in standard sizes of 8, 12 or 16 liters, our interface tanks do an excellent job of connecting gravity drains to vacuum.

Before installing greywater interface tanks, make sure your vacuum piping is designed to handle the significant fluid volumes that greywater tanks can introduce into the system. If in doubt, consult Jets™ or one of our representatives.

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