Jets™ Charm wall mounted toilet

Charm wall mounted vacuum toilet

Charm by Jets™ is a wall mounted vacuum toilet in a simple, contemporary design. It features nozzle flushing with no inside edge, making it very easy to keep clean.

  • Low water consumption
  • Reliable operation
  • VPC controller removes easily for service

Detailed specs:

External dimensions*: 520 x 355 x 370 mm (L x W x H)
Bowl material: Vitreous china
Bowl net weight: 19 kg
Total weight: 22,5 kg
Water connection: BSP 1/2" male ball valve
Discharge outlet: 50 mm
* Allow for a deviation of +/- 2% in vitreous china products

Operating data:

Flushing time: adjustable (5 seconds)
Discharge time: adjustable (2 seconds)
Water pressure: 2-7 bar (200-700 kPa)
Operating vacuum: 30-50%
Water consumption: adjustable (1,2 litres)
Air consumption: adjustable (approx. 60 litres at 50% vacuum)


Adapter plate for easy retrofits is available - fits all known bolt patterns for existing vacuum toilets

Charm toilet with retrofit adapter plate
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