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Sanitary systems

With their unique design flexibility, Jets™ sanitary systems are suitable for a wide range of marine applications. Simple in-line installation, no need for tanks, small footprint and scope for tailor-made configurations make Jets™ the preferred solution for vessels from fishing boats to cruise ships.

Ship & Offshore brochures

All current Ship & Offshore brochures are available as PDFs for download here.
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How can such a simple system work so well?

The system consists of toilets and greywater interfaces connected to a vacuum generator via the piping.
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Made to please

An introduction to Jets™ sanitary systems. Discover why Jets™ is chosen for every second ship built with a vacuum system.
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For any ship

The robust Jets™ solution has proved to be highly practical for merchant and offshore vessels of any size or type. Jets™ sanitary systems are backed up by the reassurance of our long experience. We'll be there when and where you need us.
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For cruise ships and ferries

In demanding applications such as cruise ships and ferries, Jets™ systems really show their true qualities. Powered by the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator you can get for marine sanitation: elegant in its simplicity, the Jets™ solution has been selected by some of the world's leading cruise lines.
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For navy and coast guard

From fast patrol boats to aircraft carriers, Jets™ sanitary systems are in service on board more than 600 of the world's finest navy vessels.
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For yachts

A passion for the sea, for adventure, for superb design and exceptional performance. That's why you'll find Jets™ solutions on some of the finest yachts in the world. The luxurious yacht segment appreciates compact, elegant and extremely reliable Jets™ solutions.
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Vacuum systems require specialized installation to ensure smooth and efficient sewage transport. Particular attention must be paid to the piping system installation. For your convenience, our pipe guide installation manual is available for download here.
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