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For any ship

The robust Jets™ solution has proved to be highly practical for merchant and offshore vessels of any size or type. Jets™ sanitary systems are backed up by the reassurance of our long experience. We'll be there when and where you need us.

Ease of installation, operation and maintenance make Jets™ systems an excellent choice for all types of vessels.

System advantages

Merchant and offshore vessels around the world appreciate the reliability and high standard of our sanitary systems. See how the simplicity of a Jets™ vacuum system enables trouble-free operation and comfortable voyages, and at the same time adds flexibility to your design.
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Pleasing features for offshore and merchant applications

Jets™ makes efficient sanitary systems that are easy to fit into your design. They are easy to integrate with any STP, easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
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8 out of 10 offshore vessels

Jets™ is at the centre of the rapidly developing market segment of offshore ships, and 80% of these ships have Jets™ sanitary systems on board.
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Offshore customer stories

The ship designers, ship yards and equipment manufacturers in the maritime cluster around Jets™ are part of a Norwegian shipbuilding culture that dates back centuries. Read more about how three of them developed into leading international companies.
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References: Jets™ in merchant ships

Ships of all sizes all over the world have been fitted with Jets™ systems that provide a reliable and comfortable sanitary solution to crews and passengers. These are some of our global customers.
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Case studies

A more in-depth view of two different scenarios where Jets™ was awarded important contracts: one in our own neighbourhood of Sunnmøre, Norway, and one in Japan on the other side of the world.
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