M/V Island Constructor - ULSTEIN SX121 Offshore Construction Vessel built by Ulstein Verft in 2008

8 out of 10 offshore vessels

Jets™ is at the centre of the rapidly developing market segment of offshore ships, and 80% of these ships have Jets™ sanitary systems on board.

Highly specialized vessels

Offshore ships is a common name for the various specialized vessels that serve the oil and gas industry's exploration and drilling operations - construction, seismic, platform supply, dive support, anchor handling, and cable laying vessels, to name a few.

Comfortable accomodation is a must

The crews of these offshore ships work and live on board for extended periods of time. It is not uncommon for crew members to stay on board for 6 weeks before getting time off. Work shifts last up to 12 hours, so crews need comfortable accomodation where they can rest when they are not working. Comfortable accomodation of course includes a reliable sanitary system.

Marine cluster

Jets™ belongs to one of the world's most interesting marine clusters located at Sunnmøre, Norway. This cluster has built and equipped more than 1,000 offshore ships since the dawning of the Norwegian oil age in the sixties. Groundbreaking innovations such as the extremely efficient Ulstein X-bow design have been developed in this cluster community.

A selection of offshore vessels with Jets™ systems on board:

Far Sovereign
Dina Merkur
Skandi Salvador
Skandi Patagonia
Rem Forza
Bourbon Mistral

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