"MF Brandal" of the Norwegian ferry line Fjord1

Ferry retrofit in Norway

One of Norway's largest ferry lines, Fjord1 Møre og Romsdal Fylkesbåtar, is based in Molde, Norway - practically in our own neighbourhood. Fjord 1 operates about 50 ferries for crossing the Norwegian fjords, each one carrying from 18 to 150 cars and 150 to 500 passengers. When time came to upgrade the sanitary systems on some of their vessels, Jets™ provided the required solution.

Arve Aksnessæther - the Technical Manager responsible for all three high-speed catamarans and seven ferries involved - describes the project:


"New legislation in Norway states that sewage may not be discharged less than 300 meters from land. This meant that about 25 ferries and high-speed catamarans had to have new toilet systems installed."

We chose Jets™

"We already had two vacuum systems from another supplier, but Jets™ offered the most suitable technology at a competitive price. We also appreciated their close cooperation with us in the project."


"With a customized solution for each ferry, the planning process was highly demanding because of the limited space on the ferries. 4 yards worked on the project as part of the regular annual maintenance."


"The entire toilet system, including all the plumbing and tanks, had to be replaced. MRF (Fjord1) and Jets™ worked together from start to finish. The team at Jets™ was very flexible and did an excellent job. The project was completed on time and on budget."

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