Marin Teknikk MT6026 drawing

Marin Teknikk

The ship design and engineering company Marin Teknikk AS is located in Herøy, Norway's largest fishing and offshore municipality. Like the generations before them, this team has breathed ships and shipbuilding since childhood.

Advanced ships for advanced operations

Marin Teknikk designs ships for the demanding offshore sector. Supply vessels. Pipe layers. Cable layers. Diving vessels. Seismic ships. Tugs. More and more of these perform complex subsea activities of great depths.


Svein-Rune Gjerde, managing director of Marin Teknikk

"When Olav Hofseth started on his mission to develop a better vacuum toilet, Marin Teknikk offered him a desk in our offices. He became a part of this maritime community. In 1986 MT strengthened our support to the project by becoming a minority owner of Jets™. We still have a significant holding, and it has paid off handsomely.

Vacuum toilets reduce the accommodation height. So we can optimize the design, which cuts investment and running costs. Jets™ has revitalized the market for marine vacuum toilets, resulting in more competitive solutions.

With Jets™ reliability, operational stability and open communication, shipowners and yards are more satisfied."

Read the rest of Svein-Rune's story below.
Svein-Rune Gjerde

A passion for ship design

"Ships and the sea have always been my passion. As a boy, i used to watch ships take shape at the local shipyard. I spent time at sea before becoming a part of the technical management there. My father, Edvard M. Gjerde and myself, founded Marin Teknikk in 1981. The most important asset of our naval architects and engineers is our know-how. And knowledge multiplies when you share it."

New technologies emerge

"One example is frequency control. An article about operating trains inspired me to apply this principle to ships. Local shipowner Ståle Remøy was convinced by the idea. In 1994 he ordered the "Skandi Marstein", a multipurpose field supply vessel and pipe carrier based on MT's design. Brattvaag built the ship in 1996. District Offshore AS bought the "Skandi Marstein" while she was still under construction. She sailed in a pool with three other ships for Shell UK. After one year of operation the oil company found that the "Skandi Marstein" used 28% less fuel than the other ships in the pool - and 35% less when her payload was taken into account."

Constant improvement

"This maritime community is a fertile environment for growing ideas. We draw on our collective experience and resources to make every design even better than the last one, to improve seakeeping, safety, stability, efficiency and environmental performance."

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