M/V Island Constructor - ULSTEIN SX121 Offshore Construction Vessel built by Ulstein Verft in 2008

Ulstein Group

In 1917, Martin Ulstein opened a yard to repair fishing boats for local owners. A former fisherman, he was on the same wavelength as his customers from the start. The new Ulstein Group lives on as a trendsetter within highly sophisticated offshore vessels, with Martin's granddaughter Gunvor and grandson Tore at the helm.

Success in the oil age

When oil production began in Norway, the company applied its expertise to the offshore sector, with such success that it had to contract work to other yards in the region. This created opportunities for these firms to develop their own specialties.

Selling and starting over

Idar Ulstein, Martin's youngest son, became managing director of the company in 1971. Ulstein grew into a maritime leader with operations in 17 countries. In 1999 the former Ulstein Group was sold to Vickers, now Rolls-Royce. But the Ulstein family kept the shipbuilding business. Today, after a decade of growth, the family is yet again in charge of a global group - the new Ulstein Group.


Breakthrough with modular design

Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of the Ulstein Group:

"We have started selling ship designs for building outside the Group. And we are very excited about our breakthrough with modular design using a global network of suppliers.

This is a completely new approach to shipbuilding which saves costs by reusing both knowledge and modules."
Gunvor Ulstein

Ulstein and Jets™

Tore Ulstein, Deputy CEO of the Ulstein Group:

"Throughout its nearly 90 years, Ulstein has been nourished by the loyalty of its community. Side by side, managers and employees search for quality solutions. Ulstein has grown from the maritime innovation zone of western Norway.

Its own success has strengthened other maritime companies in the region - including Jets™, where Ulstein was a development partner. Today Jets™ returns the favour by offering its expertise in marine sanitation to Ulstein."
Tore Ulstein
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