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For cruise ships and ferries

In demanding applications such as cruise ships and ferries, Jets™ systems really show their true qualities. Powered by the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator you can get for marine sanitation: elegant in its simplicity, the Jets™ solution has been selected by some of the world's leading cruise lines.

Ease of installation, operation and maintenance make Jets™ systems an excellent choice for cruise and ferry operators wanting nothing but the best. Our specialized experience in cruise vessels and ferries, as well as our global support network, ensure your passengers can enjoy their voyage with the same level of bathroom hygiene and comfort experienced at home.

System advantages

Crews and passengers of cruise vessels and ferries around the world appreciate the reliability, comfort level and high standard of our sanitary systems. See how the simplicity of a Jets™ vacuum system enables trouble-free operation and comfortable voyages, and at the same time adds flexibility to your design.
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Pleasing features for cruise and ferry applications

Jets™ offers unmatched performance for cruise ships and ferries, with efficient sanitary systems that are easy to fit into your design. Our solutions are easy to integrate with any STP, and ensure operational reliability and comfort on board even the largest cruise vessels.
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References: Jets™ in cruise ships and ferries

Jets™ sanitary systems are fitted to some of the world's finest cruise vessels and ferries, effortlessly providing the highest level of sanitary comfort and reliability available. Have a closer look at these vessels, some of which have an exceptional level of on-board luxury.
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Case studies

A closer look at two of the cruise lines using Jets™ systems to guarantee their passengers a relaxing and enjoyable voyage: the ships of the Norwegian Hurtigruten line mainly take passengers along the beautiful jagged coasts of Norway, while Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Ltd's luxurious vessels operate globally.
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Ejector system vs. Vacuumarator™ pump

The compact Jets™ system has unmatched benefits compared to other sanitary systems and solutions available for ships. Although the ejector system introduced in the seventies was a recognized principle in its day, the Vacuumarator™ pump launched by Jets™ a decade later was a breakthrough in modern vacuum technology.
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Retrofit success stories

Retrofitting ships with Jets™ sanitary systems to replace older vacuum tank or ejector systems is straightforward and easy. Some ships have even installed our solutions during normal operation, and immediately experienced greatly enhanced performance. These are a few customer success stories.
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