The luxury cruise ship "Crystal Harmony" in port

"Crystal Harmony" retrofit

During its normal sailing schedule in the summer of 2001, this 940-guest luxury cruise ship initially replaced one of its four ejector-based systems with a Vacuumarator™ pump unit retrofit.

Good feedback

After the test period, three more Vacuumarator™ pump units were installed, and the impressive performance has been maintained since then. The feedback from the "Crystal Harmony" crew is that the pumps function well and build up the vacuum effectively.

Long service intervals

Only after three years of the intensive operation did it become necessary to change bearings, macerators and seals in the pumps. With the simple design of our pumps, crews are able to carry out this type of maintenance themselves with basic tools.

No more foaming problems

The collecting tanks from the ejector system are no longer used, and foaming has become a foreign word.


The Assistant Chief Engineer describes the installation and its benefits:

"A new unit with two Vacuumarator™ pumps was installed to replace each ejector unit.

We used the existing piping on the collecting tank to connect the retrofit Vacuumarator™ pumps. After connecting the inlet and outlet, the retrofit was ready for operation.

The transparent covers make it easy to check that the system is functioning smoothly."
Transparent covers
Existing piping used
New pump unit
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