Type 45 destroyer top view - illustration courtesy of BAE Systems

Navy references

Have a look at some of the fine navy vessels that sail with Jets™ systems on board. Our solutions are used by the navies of countries like the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Brunei, Spain, Norway and Denmark.

"Absalon" class support ships - Danish Navy

The Danish Navy's "Absalon" is the second of two new flexible support ships. These are the largest and most versatile ships in the Danish Navy - designed for participation in international operations.
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Corvettes for Royal Brunei Navy

Among the latest ships from BAE's famous Yarrow yard are the three corvettes recently built for the Royal Brunei Navy. These highly effective 95-meter vessels will patrol Brunei's national waters to protect commercial shipping from piracy.
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"Skjold" class fast patrol craft - Royal Norwegian Navy

The Royal Norwegian Navy's first fast patrol craft of the "Skjold" class - built by Umoe Mandal. An extremely lightweight ship designed for use in coastal waters.
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F100 frigates - Royal Spanish Navy

The Royal Spanish Navy's frigate program consists of 4 ships in the F100 class, one of Europe's most advanced and capable frigates. Built by the Izar shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, the frigates have surveillance, anti-submarine, anti-air warfare and missile defence capabilities.
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MEKO 200A Corvettes - South African Navy

The compact, flexible Blohm+Voss MEKO design has been a great success among several navies. MEKO 200A SAN is a series of 4 corvettes built by Blohm+Voss+HDW for the South African Navy.
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"Mistral" helicopter carrier - French Navy

The "Mistral" is one of two helicopter carriers built by Chantiers de l'Atlantique for the French Navy. These amphibious assault ships can carry up to 35 helicopters and 450 soldiers. The ship also features a 69-bed hospital, with the ability to convert the helicopter hangar to a field hospital for even greater medical capabilities.
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"KV Harstad" - Norwegian Coast Guard

The Coast Guard vessel "KV Harstad" is 83 meters long with a top speed of 18 knots. In addition to patrolling of the fisheries, it is equipped for towing and for submarine rescue.
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Type 45 destroyer - Royal British Navy

The sophisticated Type 45 destroyer will form the backbone of the Royal Navy's anti-air warfare defence for the first part of the 21st century, providing fleet protection as well as protection of friendly forces in hostile territory.
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