"Flamingo Daze" built by Hakvoort - photo: Hakvoort B.V

For yachts

A passion for the sea, for adventure, for superb design and exceptional performance. That's why you'll find Jets™ solutions on some of the finest yachts in the world. The luxurious yacht segment appreciates compact, elegant and extremely reliable Jets™ solutions.

Ease of installation, operation and maintenance make Jets™ systems an excellent choice for yacht owners exploring the shining seas. Our specialized yacht experience and global support network ensure a comfortable voyage for crew and passengers.

System advantages

Yacht owners appreciate the comfort level and reliability of our systems. See how the simplicity of a Jets™ vacuum sanitary system enables luxurious accomodation on board, and adds flexibility to your design.
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State-of-the-art system features for yachts

Elegant in its simplicity, the Jets™ solution for yachts has been selected by award-winning yacht designers who appreciate the reliability and high standard of our sanitary systems.
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References: Jets™ in the finest yachts

Some of the more exquisit vessels on the seven seas are fitted with Jets™ sanitary systems that effortlessly provide the highest level of sanitary comfort and reliability available. We have featured some of our clients' luxury yachts here.
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