"Mirabella" - the world's largest sloop

"Mirabella V" - the world's largest sloop

Designed to be the ultimate windward-performing sail vessel, the 75-metre "Mirabella V" has an 89-metre mast, and a sail area of 3,900 square metres. The superyacht with its innovative composite structure presented vast challenges to the architects, the Ron Holland Design studio, and the yard, Vosper Thorneycroft.

All the sanitary requirements have been met by Jets™. Because the craft can heel at an angle of 20 degrees for extended periods, the "Mirabella V" is equipped with two separate Jets™ systems. One is driven by a Jets™ 30MB-D vacuum unit for the toilets. The other is driven by a Jets™ 50MBA vacuum unit for all greywater.

Jets™ expertise proved a valuable asset in this pioneering project.

Bathroom on board the "Mirabella V"
"Mirabella V" bathroom
"Mirabella V" top view
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